Former employee at 123 Buildings charged with stealing and selling 10 buildings

A former employee at 123 Buildings faced charges of stealing 10 buildings and selling them to individuals across the tri-county area during a 9 a.m. Recorder's Court hearing.

Officers told the court a 123 Buildings employee contacted police in November after noticing from two separate inventories that about 10 buildings were missing. Mickey Wright, 28, who was the only employee working at the Veterans Parkway location, told police he didn't know where the buildings were and had not received any money for them. Many of the buildings in question were 24-feet by 26-feet.

Later, officers located a gazebo in Talbot County that matched the serial number provided for one of the missing buildings. Since then, six of the missing 10 have been located in three different counties.

A detective told the court that Wright had been selling the buildings, some of which were playhouses or greenhouses, for a third of their original price and was arranging transportation of the buildings to the private buyers. The buyers did not indicate they knew the goods were stolen, and often paid in cash or check.

The estimated value of the recovered stolen buildings is $18,000.

Wright was given $30,000 bond. His case has been forwarded to Superior Court.