Man, 60, arrested for marijuana possession; told police drug helps with PTSD

A man was arrested for possession of marijuana Monday after he was pulled over for suspended vehicle registration, according to a Columbus Police Department report.

Police approached Nathaniel Jenkins, 60, on Brennan Road at about 2:30 p.m. after realizing that Jenkins registration was suspended. After talking with police, Jenkins told officers that his license was also suspended for failure to appear in an October hearing.

When officers asked Jenkins to exit the vehicle so he could be placed under arrest, a small bag of marijuana fell out of the vehicle. Jenkins first told police the marijuana did not belong to him, but later said he smoked it for his knee pain and for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder condition.

While officers were searching Jenkins' vehicle, they found another small bag of marijuana in the center console.

Jenkins was charged with possession of marijuana for 1.6 grams. He was taken to Muscogee County Jail.