Bachelor TV Blog: Sean Lowe sends Sarah, Selma and Daniella home; keeps Tierra

Tierra continued to create drama on ABC's "The Bachelor" with Sean Lowe on the second night of show's fifth week. Tierra fell ill after the group date's polar bear plunge at Lake Louise in Canada. EMTs tended to Tierra, who may have been suffering from hypothermia. It was a quick recovery. She attended the evening's cocktail party and even got some coveted alone time with a sympathetic Sean. The Bachelor had plenty of drama of his own. He sent Sarah home before the elimination rose ceremony and then eliminated Selma, after she kissed him on the episode, and Daniella while Tierra received a rose.


Catherine, a 26-year-old from Seattle

Lindsay, a 24-year-old substitute teacher in Montana. She stepped out of the limo in a wedding gown on the first episode.

AshLee F, a 32-year-old professional organizer from Houston. Her birth parents abandoned her and she was in foster care before being adopted by a pastor and his family

Lesley M., a 25-year-old Washington, D.C. political consultant from Arkansas, says she's a modern Southern belle.

Desiree, a 26-year-old bridal stylist from LA.

Tierra, a 24-year-old from Denver, who fails to get along with the other bachelorettes and seems to have accidents/illnesses that line up with spending more alone time with Sean.


Daniella, a 24-year-old from San Francisco. "I'm in complete shock... I'm hurt," she said. "It's tough to have your heart broken... I want to find love, really badly."

Selma, a 29-year-old real estate developer in California. "I'm leaving with a heartbreak and a memory... It's really hard to leave, and Tierra is in there celebrating."

Sarah, a 26-year-old who works in advertising in LA, who was born with just one arm. Sean eliminated her before the rose ceremony.

Here's a recap of the episode:

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Selma surprises Sean with a kiss. She previously told him that couldn't kiss him on camera or it would shame her family. She said since she wasn't brave enough to do the polar bear plunge she had to "bring out the big guns." "Mama, please forgive me," Selma requested. A few minutes later, Lindsay tells Sean that she isn't going to kiss him, and that they're just going to talk. The talking leads Lindsay to mentioning that she usually sleeps naked That leads to kissing. Next, AshLee brings a blindfold for Sean to wrap around her eyes so that she can't see. This represents AshLee giving up the control that she craves because she was abandoned by her birth parents. Sean kisses her.

Desiree gets the second one-on-one date of the episode. She and Sean take a walk through part of Banff National Park. They stand at the top of a mountain and Sean says they must repel 400 feet down the mountain to get to their romantic picnic. Desiree was nervous but not too nervous to pause a few times to kiss Sean. Later, they enjoyed some alone time in a teepee. She told Sean that she grew up very poor and lived in a trailer park and even a tent with her parents and her brother. She said she didn't feel any resentment and that she didn't care about materialistic things. Sean gave her a rose. "I could see myself proposing to Des, I really could," Sean said.

The group date -- with Lesley, Sarah, AshLee, Selma, Tierra, Daniella and Lindsay -- starts with a canoe ride across a lake. Lesley "volunteers" to ride with Sean, and hops in his canoe before anyone else can. The other girls divide into two teams of three and row across the lake on their own. Sean then tells the women that they'll be taking "The Lake Louise Polar Bear Plunge." To join the "elite" club the women must jump in the water and be completely submerged in the water. An EMT tells the girls that the water is just above freezing. Selma vows not to do the plunge. "Call me a princess, I don't care" she said. Outdoorsy Lindsay was excited. Tierra had a bad feeling. "I might die," Teirra said before changing into her swimsuit.

Selma told Sean she didn't want to do it. He said "I wish you'd do it." But she was content to "cheer" on the other girls. The girls changed into their bikinis and plunged, quickly, into the water with a swim-trunk clad Sean. Upon leaving the water, most of the women felt exhilarated and happy to have completed the challenge. "Definitely not going to do it again," AshLee said. But she, along with most of the other bachlorettes, was proud. Then, viewers see Tierra who is complaining that she breathe and is freezing. An EMT wraps her in several towels and the other bachlorettes gather around and attempt to warm up her limbs. "At this point I feel helpless," Sean said. An EMT carries a trembling Tierra to a car and we see her being driving to the hotel building. Then she was covered in coats, blankets and was holding a cup of coffee. Her mascara has run down her face and she's looks ill until Sean comes by when her makeup is perfect and she's resting in bed with a tube in her nose that's hooked up to an oxygen tank. The girls start getting suspicious. "Once again, the ambulance is called... Same story, a different day," Lindsay says. Tierra toppled down the stairs in LA on week two and caused an ambulance to be called. "Tierra is very good at getting attention," AshLee said.

The bachelorettes are happy that Tierra won't be at the evening portion of the group date. "It's guaranteed no drama," AshLee said. Wrong! Tierra gets out of bed and even decides to wear high heeled boots. She arrives and gets a bit of an icy reception from the other bachelorettes but not from Sean who offered to carry her around the party. He asked Tierra if she'd like to get a proposal at the end of the show if they fell in love. Before Tierra's arrival, Lesley got some alone time with Sean where she told him that she was falling in love with him, and it was exciting. Then, Sarah got some alone time and showed Sean photos of her family. He seemed apprehensive about possibly meeting Sarah's family. Sean gives the rose to Lesley. Tierra is not happy. "I think I deserve it. I've put up with a lot of... (bleep)."

After the group date, Sean visits the women and asks to see Sarah privately. "Lately I've felt like I'm trying to force it... I wanted it to work so badly... It just hasn't been there," Sean told her. "This is, by far, the hardest decision I've had to make so far," he said. He told her that he didn't want her to sit around another day and through a rose ceremony when he knew that it wasn't going to happen for him. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't totally surprised and hurt," Sarah told him. "Right now I'm just completely blindsided," Sarah said. She said a tearful goodbye to the other bachelorettes. She said this wasn't the first time a guy had told her that he thought she was great but just not for him. "I just don't want to be told forever how great I am and what I deserve... it's just so sad," she said.

Catherine gets the first date, a one-on-one, of the episode. After a fun afternoon of driving around the snow in a "snow bus," driven by Sean, the couple sits down for a serious chat. Catherine tells Sean about a childhood tragedy when she was at camp and a tree fell on a girl walking right in front of her. The girl died. This made Catherine realize how precious life was and how things could be taken away from you. She said she knew from that point on that her main goal in life was to have a family and find a life partner who wanted the same focus on family that she desired. Sean gave her a rose. "Catherine has melted my heart. She has given me hope that things are going to turn around here," she said.


Jackie, a 25-year-old cosmetics consultant from Florida

Robyn, a 24-year-old engineer in Houston. She fell down doing back flips out of the limo on episode one. "What was he thinking sending me home instead of Tierra?" she wondered. "He probably thinks I'm the one starting the drama."


Leslie H, a 29-year-old poker dealer. "It sucks saying goodbye to Sean... I would honestly give back all these clothes and these diamond earrings to have more time with him," she said. She was eliminated after a one-on-one date that included a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.

Amanda, a 26-year-old fitness model in California. "I feel really rejected... It's going to be hard to get over Sean... I feel stupid." She was eliminated after a group roller derby date where she fell and hurt her jaw. The injury required a trip to the hospital and was visibly swollen at the elimination rose ceremony.


Upon being eliminated, Kacie B. said: "I really wanted this to work." Sean told her that he tried to move her out of the friend zone but he just didn't feel anything romantic for her. Before the rose ceremony, he asked to speak with her for a minute, and he let her go without forcing her to stand through the rose ceremony. The 25-year-old from Tennessee, has appeared on "The Bachelor" before. She was a bachelorette on Ben's season and she and Sean met in New York at a post-Bachelor party and clicked as friends. Kacie arrived on this season's show as a surprise to see if she and Sean could form a romantic bond.

Taryn, a 30-year-old from Oregon, said "Maybe I wasn't sweet enough for him."

Kristy, a 25-year-old Ford model. "I wish I would have found love here but you can't force something that isn't there," she said.


Diana, a 31-year-old stylist in Salt Lake City Utah and mom to two girls. "I'm sad to not have more time with him," she said.

Brooke, a 25-year-old community organizer from Pittsburgh. "Love just was not here. It wasn't," she said.

Katie, a 27-year-old yoga teacher in Charlotte, chose to leave the show during the season's first group date.


Kelly, a 28-year-old cruise ship entertainer from Nashville, sang for Sean during their introduction. She was embarrassed to be eliminated. "I feel like, who'd want to date the crazy girl that sings a song for Sean and gets kicks off 'The Bachelor' the first week," she said.

Paige, a 25-year-old New York jumbotron operator, also failed to receive a rose when she appeared on season 3 of "The Bachelor Pad." She felt embarrassed to be eliminated so quickly from both shows. "When you fail again, that sucks... It's really sad," she said.

Ashley H, a 25-year-old fashion model, told Sean that her blue dress matched his eyes. I guess he was unimpressed. "The devastation, I try not to let it sink in but it hurts," she said.

Lauren, a 27-year-old journalist from Rhode Island, told Sean about her Italian family. Her dad told Lauren to tell Sean, "If you break my heart he's going to break your legs." I guess the threat was a bad idea.

Ashley P., a 28-year-old Michigan stylist and fan of "Fifty Shades of Grey," said: "It's a little bit of a bumsky." She then did a little dance and hiked up her dress to show Sean what he was missing. "Mom, don't be mad," she said in her exit interview.

Keriann, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Florida, told Sean she drove over 2,775 miles to meet him. "That's so flattering." Sean said. I guess flattery will get you no where with Sean.

Lacey, a 24-year-old student in California, gave Sean a piece of lace so he'd remember her name. Maybe he still forgot to call it out during the elimination ceremony?

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