'Bob & Sheri Show' taken off local radio

"The Bob & Sheri Show" is no longer on local airwaves.

Jimbo Martin, the owner of PMB Broadcasting, reluctantly took the show off WLTC-FM -- 103.7 Lite FM -- because the ratings have not "been where it should have been."

"We had to make a change," he said. "It is painful to take a show like that off the air. The management felt like it needed to be live and local with 103.7 Lite FM. I am still searching for a way to get them back on the air."

The show began in 1992. Martin wasn't sure when it started airing in Columbus, but he said he thinks it's been on the air here at least 14 years. Martin said the syndicated morning show out of Charlotte, N.C., featuring Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch was first on WCGQ-FM locally.

"It hasn't been on WCGQ for three years," Martin said. "It was not compatible with the music format."

The WCGQ format is Top 40/Pop, while the WLTC format is adult contemporary. "The Bob & Sheri Show" is on more than 60 radio stations across the country. The twosome discuss their personal lives and it is considered to be adult in nature.

The local team of veteran disc jockey Ed Bostic and WTVM news personality Chuck Leonard are heading to the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. time slot now on WLTC.

Martin owns WCGQ-FM (Q 107.3), WLTC-FM (103.7 Lite FM), WKCN-FM (Kissin' 99.3), WRLD-FM (Boomer 95.3), WKCN-HD2 (106.9 Really Rocks), WKCN-HD3 (Ritmo con Sabor at 99.3 HD3) and WRCG-AM.

On Martin's stations, all boast local morning shows except WCGQ-FM, which features the syndicated Elvis Duran show.