Man launches unknown object through woman's rear window on I-85

A woman's passenger rear window was broken out Monday while she was driving south on I-85 after a man threw an unknown object at her car, according to an Opelika Police Department press release.

The woman was driving south near the Hurtsboro exit when a man walking on the side of the Interstate wearing a dark rain jacket launched an object at her car. When she looked back and noticed the window broken, she pulled over and called police.

Opelika Police Capt. Bruce DeLong said officers are unsure what was thrown at the woman's car, as it most likely bounced off her vehicle after hitting the window. The suspect, if caught, would face charges of shooting or throwing a deadly or dangerous missile into an occupied vehicle.

"That's a felony in Alabama," DeLong said. "It could have been a rock, or a brick or anything. But that could really hurt someone or do some damage."