Police: Officer put on leave after shooting fellow officer

A Columbus officer in training was placed on indefinite administrative leave Monday after shooting another officer in the head at the Cusseta Road shooting range.

Police recruit Michael Balauitan was placed on paid administrative leave after officer Andrew Redmond, 25, was shot in the head on Feb. 7.

Redmond was treated at The Medical Center and released.

Major Julius Graham said standard procedure dictates officers be put on administrative leave after discharging a weapon. He also said details about the incident could not be released until the investigation has been concluded.

"It's standard procedure when an officer is involved in daily police force tasks or training," he said. "I don't know how long he'll be on administrative leave. It depends on how long it takes the internal investigation to complete."

Graham said incidents similar to the shooting involving Balauitan are uncommon. There was no further information regarding the range safety officer. Columbus Consolidated Government Human Resources Director Tom Barron said Balauitan's suspension is the only administrative leave notice put forward during the last week.