Outside Columbus Walmart, animal activists protest cruelty to pigs

Mmm... bacon. Do we have your attention now?

From 11 a.m. to noon today members of the national animal rights organization Mercy For Animals, along with local activists, are protesting outside the Walmart at Airport Thruway. They hope to educate shoppers about Walmart pork suppliers' alleged practices of cruelly confining pigs in gestation crates.

At the event you will find a 10-foot tall inflatable pig, bloody with sores and locked in a narrow crate. According to the group the suppliers confine pregnant pigs in tiny crates where they are unable to lie down, turn around or "engage in basic natural behaviors."

The group says Walmart can require its port suppliers to phase out the crates, as, it says, Kroger, Safeway, Costco and McDonald's have already. The practice, they say, has been banned in nine states.

So, knowing all of this, will you still buy your pork from Walmart? Can you really ever have enough bacon?