Council asked to consider extending MLK Boulevard to Macon Road and the river

Columbus Councilors heard a request Tuesday from local activist Ronzell Buckner to consider more than doubling the length of Martin Luther King Boulevard from its current 2.2 miles to about five miles.

Currently MLK Boulevard runs from 10th Avenue to Buena Vista Road. Under Buckner’s proposal, it would continue past 10th Avenue on 10th Street down to Bay Avenue overlooking the river. At the other end, it would cross Buena Vista and continue on Illges Road, then Rigdon Road and stop at Macon Road.

“That will give us a corridor that connects east Columbus to West Columbus,” Buckner said. “We’re not jus talking about renaming the highway. We’re talking about an outdoor learning center, so that the history of the area can be told.”

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said she expects the issue to be brought before council, but added that renaming of city streets is a complicated and slow process that involves public hearings and contacting people who live and own businesses along the corridor.