Former Columbus police officer receives citation for broken headlight

A former police officer with the Columbus Police Department contested a citation for a broken headlight Thursday during a Recorder's Court hearing at 8 a.m.

The reporting officer, Hilary Tefft, told the court that Jeremy Milliron was driving near Forrest Road on his way home when she pulled him over for a broken headlight. Milliron, who now works with another bureau and arrived to court in uniform, told the court he had worked a double shift the night before he was pulled over and had not had time to fix the broken light on his vehicle.

Tefft told Judge Michael Cielinski that Milliron became unruly when she wrote him the citation. When Milliron protested the citation in court, Cielinski said he was "charged just like anyone else."

Milliron received the fine of $55.

Patrol services confirmed that Milliron had worked with them, but had transferred to a different agency. They were unable to say what agency.