Mother faces charges of aggravated assault for allegedly laying on her daughter, 16, during argument

A Columbus mother is facing charges of aggravated assault and family violence battery after she allegedly prevented her 16-year-old daughter from breathing by laying on her during an argument.

In a bizarre preliminary hearing which involved multiple witnesses with conflicting views, police described a Sunday morning scene where Kim Washington, 41, sought police to subdue her 16-year-old daughter, who she said was being disrespectful. Police later arrested Washington at their home on Schaul Street and charged her with assaulting her daughter.

Corporal J.J. Foxx, the reporting officer, told the court during a 9 a.m. Recorder's Court hearing that the daughter told police the argument began over whether her younger brother could walk to a nearby barber shop alone.

The daughter told police she did not believe her younger sibling, whose age was not disclosed, was old enough to handle the task. When she protested her mother's wishes on Sunday at about 9:30 a.m., a fight broke out between the two.

Sometime during the argument, Washington allegedly laid down on top of her daughter to prevent her from getting up, ordering other children in the house to call police on the 16-year-old. The daughter told the court that although she pleaded with her mother several times to get off of her, as she could not breathe well, her mother refused.

The 16-year-old also sustained minor physical injuries from the fight, including scratches on her arm. Police also found when they investigated chunks of hair that had been torn out of the daughter's head scattered in the house.

During a conversation with Washington Sunday, Foxx said she told police that her daughter came after her with scissors. Although he admitted he did not ask the daughter whether this was true, he said he believed the action would have been in self defense.

Washington also allegedly told police repeatedly that she did not want her daughter living at home anymore, and begged police to take her away. The daughter did not have a previous juvenile record, and police told Washington that since her daughter was still a minor she had a right to live at the house and could not be thrown out.

Other children at the residence told police that the daughter was the primary care-taker for her siblings.

Several witnesses were called for the case, including relatives and neighbors who heard the two fighting. One said the daughter is unruly and doesn't want to listen to her mother. Most did not speculate on the cause of the fight and simply said they heard the dispute.

Judge Michael Cielinski set Washington's bond at about $6,000 for the charges of aggravated assault and battery. Her case will be forwarded to Muscogee Superior Court.