200-person party leads to seizure of marijuana plants after ten shots are fired

Terrence Dennis, 20, faces charges of manufacturing marijuana after a 200-person party on Longview Drive led to 10 gunshots and the seizure of five marijuana plants Saturday morning.

Terrence Dennis, 20, was arrested Saturday at about 12:30 a.m. after police investigated complaints of gunshots at the house on the 4400 block of Longview Drive. A neighbor had reported to police that in addition to loud music coming from the party, 10 gunshots had been fired.

No injuries were reported.

Officer Hilary Tefft told the court during Monday’s hearing that when they arrived, about 100 cars were lining the street, impeding the flow of traffic, and a number of alcohol bottles and trash was scattered on the lawn. An undetermined amount of minors were among the approximate 200 people who were cleared from the house during the investigation.

“After we cleared the house and everything, we were getting everything done and two females were waiting on a ride,” Tefft said. “They were under age. We’re sure there were more.”

While searching the three-bedroom house, another officer found a closet with the lights on and a strange sound coming from it. Fluorescent light, a fan and five marijuana plants that were each at least 20-inches tall allegedly were found in the closet.

When Tefft spoke with Dennis, he told her that the marijuana plants were not his, but had been dropped off temporarily by a friend.

Dennis originally was charged with five counts of manufacturing marijuana, but public defender Charles Lykins argued for four of the charges to be dropped, since other suspects accused of manufacturing marijuana were usually only charged once, regardless of the number of plants.

Dennis’ bond was set at about $2,000. His charges of manufacturing marijuana and keeping a disorderly house have been forwarded to Muscogee County Superior Court.