'Bachelor' live TV blog: AshLee, Sean Lowe argue; Tierra is delusional on 'Women Tell All'

Sean Lowe faced the bachelorettes that he eliminated on this season of “The Bachelor” during Monday's pre-recorded "Women Tell All" episode. An unapologetic Tierra faced AshLee, Robyn, Selma and an unsympathetic audience. AshLee and Sean argued. Sean and Desiree wished each other the best and the audience got to meet Magic. The tribute to the producer's dog was the most realistic and emotional moment of the episode. Sorry, host Chris Harrison, Magic totally stole the show.

On Monday, March 11, the two-hour finale will air, and we'll find out if Lindsay or Catherine won Sean's heart, and possibly an engagement ring. The finale will be followed by "After the Final Rose," where we discover if Sean and his winning bachelorette are still together. The new bachelorette will be announced on "After the Final Rose." After this "Women Tell All," I'm guessing Desiree will be named the next Bachelorette.

Here's a recap:

With a half hour remaining on the two-hour episode, Sean finally makes an appearance on stage. AshLee gets to ask him what happened. They hug. Chris looks on nervously. Sean calls AshLee's new blonder hair "beautiful." Sean told AshLee that it was important to him that his future home would be full of laughter. "There were times when I couldn't find that laughter with you," he said. But, "I was falling in love with you," Sean promises. AshLee said Sean told her that he had no feelings for the other two women. Sean said he didn't say that. AshLee said he said it twice. Sean said he did not. AshLee said he said that there was nothing between him and the two other women. He insisted that he did not say that. "I wish you nothing but the best... You did say that," but I don't hold any resentment to you," AshLee said. Sean said: "On the record, I'm not agreeing with that." The discussion continued as the commercials rolled. It continued when the show returned.

AshLee calls Sean a "frat boy"

When Chris tells AshLee that she looked pissed, AshLee said she wasn't. "I was just searching for answers," AshLee said. "I didn't know what to say him." She Chris asked if Sean broke her heart, AshLee said: "Absolutely." But, AshLee said she's not in love with Sean anymore and that watching the show helped her get over her heartbreak because Sean was different with her and the other women. With AshLee, Sean was a perfect Southern gentlemen but with the other girls, AshLee said he was more like a "frat boy."

Desiree on Sean and her brother

"I definitely was falling in love," Desiree said about Sean. Des said her brother regrets that he was so harsh on the show. She said that while she values her brother's opinion, it wouldn't necessarily sway her opinion. When Chris points out how ironically sad her prank, having an ex-boyfriend show up, was Des said: "It was like the worst hometown in Bachelor history, I think. Oh, dear."

Sarah turns the hot seat the sweet seat

After Tierra's departure, we get sweet Sarah, the girl with one arm. The audience loves her. She explains that Sean told her what other men have, that she's great but just not great for them. "I think a lot of girls can relate to that," Sarah said. According to audience applause, that's a yes.

Tierra in the hot seat

When Tierra's name is mentioned to the audience, they boo. Newsflash: Tierra has a supporter! Brooke, who was eliminated week one, said everyone should seize their opportunity to stand out on the show and suggested some of the other bachelorettes were jealous. Oops. Not anymore. Now that Tierra is insisting that she was friendly, Brooke has lost her patience. She wants Tierra to stick with her convictions.

Tierra comes out to a bit of applause but mostly silence. Aw, I feel sorry for her. And then she opens her mouth. "When I walk into a room I bring this joy," Tierra explains to Chris. Cameras pan to puzzled looks in the audience. Her joy and her good looks just make girls dislike her, she explains. More confused looks. It's amazing that the other bachelorettes stayed silent during that delusional speech. Tierra has no apologies to give, regrets or things she'd do differently. Uh-oh..."I didn't say one bad thing about of these girls," Tierra insists.

Tierra does apologize if other the women thought she was rude. Because she's not rude. She just wasn't friendly. Or she just just was not unfriendly. Or wait. Words. Confusion. Lies. In summary, her "sparkle" threatens other women. I think her most honest moment was: "Can I work on my flaws? Yes, but..." There's always a but with Tierra.

Robyn admitted that she made a mistake in getting caught up in Tierra's drama, which took her focus off of Sean.

Here are a few highlights from a media conference call with Chris Harrison before tonight's show aired:

What are the chances of Tierra being the next “Bachelorette”? "Slim to none and I think slim just left town," Chris said.

Has Tierra changed her ways? "I was a little bit surprised and maybe a little disappointed that she didn’t come back a little more contrite. And a little more apologetic and just say 'Look, you know, while it’s not all on me maybe I was a little harsh maybe a little strong, maybe I should have changed things.' But you know she really didn’t come with that. So it got, it got a little awkward with her as well because I think some of the girls were a little bit surprised that she didn’t come back and maybe throw herself at the mercy of their courts."

Will there be drama between Tierra and everyone else on tonight's show? First of all, I really asked the girls for, you know, the respect of just being silent and really just letting me talk to Tierra for a little bit and let her say everything that she had to say and get it all out there promising that they would have their chance to speak. And so they were really great about it, you know, because usually when I say that the girls can’t help themselves; they jump in. But they really allowed Tierra to talk. And I think she did more harm than good during all of that and they all jumped in and really Robyn, Leslie, even Desiree, there were a lot of them that were pretty outspoken. But you know her and AshLee, definitely, still don’t see eye to eye on how that went down. You know who was right, who was wrong. But then again, I don’t think Tierra saw eye to eye with any girl that was on the show."

Who will be the star of the new "Bachelorette": "Well first of all I am the star of 'The Bachelorette.' So, let’s get that clear," Chris joked(?). "Who will be second to that I don’t know." When asked to give reasons AshLee, Desiree and Sara would be good bachelorettes, Chris agreed. On Sara: "You know, you got to know and see how strong and amazing this woman is. And she does have an incredible story: the fact that she was born with one arm and that was obviously a huge kind of arching story throughout our show." On Desiree: "Well Des is kind of that young, not that Katie Holmes is old, but she’s just this young, attractive Katie Holmes-looking girl-next-door. It's kind of what the show was built on." AshLee: "You know, I think if anybody on the show definitely showed that she is at a point in her life where she knows what she wants. (She's an) incredibly strong, beautiful woman. And you know, I think she is definitely ready for that. And maybe more so than even Sean, which was maybe one of the reasons it didn’t work out."

Is AshLee still upset with Sean at “Women Tell All?” "You know, I don’t think she’s angry. I’m not even sure she was angry the day she left. I just, I think that probably discretion was the better part of valor there where it was in lieu of saying something she might regret... But she definitely wanted answers at the 'Women Tell All.'" Chris said Sean and AshLee's exchange on tonight's show is "confrontational."

The awkwardness of AshLee's elimination: "You know it kind of was reminiscent, in many ways, of Ben when he was broken up with by Ashley. And to me I thought it was a brutally honest representation of what I think really happens and how I would feel in that situation. I remember when Ben was leaving and he’s like 'you know it’s a breakup these don’t end well. You know I’m not going to be happy right now, why would I be?'... When I saw AshLee’s response, I thought 'well there’s a woman who’s upset and is probably pissed off that she was blindsided by this' and to me it seemed like a very honest reaction to a situation."

Does Chris think AshLee is now over Sean? "Yes, I do, I do." But don't worry, she still wants answers from Sean on tonight's show. "Of all of the moments of the 'Women Tell All' that was definitely one that I think if he could have dug a hole under the couch and dove into it he would have," Chris said.

Chris was surprised when Sean eliminated Desiree. "I guess I’ll just let the viewers judge but you could still kind of just see that chemistry and that little something between them. It’s just interesting. I’ve only seen that one other time in the history of the show."

Sean acts the same on and off-camera: "I will say what you see is what you get with him. You know he’s pretty simple. He’s pretty open and honest about his religion, who he is, what he stands for. And you know that’s kind of the guy he is. You know it was very rare that we would stop, you know, after a rose ceremony or be, you know, in an airport lounge or wherever we were and that he was different. You know he would walk off and be the exact same guy, the same jokes, the same laugh, same everything," Chris said.

On the final two bachelorettes: On Lindsay, who wore a wedding gown on the season's first episode: She "came so close to going home on day one... we’ve never had that before, ever, in the show where a girl is barely saved on night one and then ends up being in the finals." On Catherine: "Had Des’ hometown not gone so poorly with the brother, I think it’s pretty simple to say (Catherine) would have been going home. And then, you know, the next week she was on the chopping block as well. So you know I am very surprised, and I mean maybe Sean would say he’s surprised as well. But that’s, you know, who it ended up with."

A reluctant therapist: Since Chris started hosting the show, strangers have stopped him to talk about their love lives. "I’ll be at an airport restaurant or bar or whatever and someone will come and just literally start telling me their life story. And really get into some pretty deep details about whether it’s their sex life or lack thereof or whatever it is. It’s amazing the things that people tell me."

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