Vehicle crashes through wall at AMF Peach Bowl Lanes in Columbus

AMF Peach Bowl Lanes on Bradley Park Drive in Columbus suffered damage to an exterior wall and one of its lanes when a vehicle crashed through the exterior of the wall on the West side of the building late Thursday evening.

Neither the driver of the vehicle or bowlers in the facility were injured.

Brian Shaw, a district manager who oversees the facility, said four to five people were on the lane near where the vehicle came through the building's wall when the accident occurred.

"I don't know how they moved so fast, but they did," he said.

Shaw was on scene Friday morning with workers to survey the damage and begin repairs. At 9 a.m., Peach Bowl Lanes was back to business as usual, with a temporary wall in place and repairs estimated to be complete in two weeks.

Shaw said the damage was much less severe than a similar accident in which a vehicle crashed into one of the company's bowling centers in Auburn in September 2012. During that incident, the vehicle crashed through several offices, causing the business to be closed for a day and a half while repairs were made.

"The same crew that did that one, and it had much more damage, that contractor got here at about 6 a.m. this morning, bought wood from Home Depot and removed all the metal, and put up a temporary wall," Shaw said.

While a second incident of vehicles crashing through the company's bowling centers came as a shock to Shaw, he was pleased to find there was minimal damage. Peach Bowl Lanes will only need to replace the ball return that services lanes 55 and 56 and do some minor work on a few lanes, as well as repairing the exterior walls. He said the accident didn't appear to cause any significant structural damage.

"At the end of the day we can fix building and reopen again, but we can't fix people," he said.