Man arrested for marijuana possession at Marathon gas station

A man was arrested for marijuana possession Wednesday afternoon after he showed hesitance in getting in his friend's car while police were around at the Marathon gas station near Fourth Avenue, according to a Columbus Police Department report.

Police were patrolling the area of 38th Street and Fourth Avenue at about 3 p.m. when they spotted a vehicle with a paper tag pull into the Marathon to refill on gas. The tag later came back as unknown when police ran it.

Officers then noticed that some of the men who were in the car seemed hesitant to get back in while police were around. Antonio Edwards, 18, began walking away from the store when he noticed police. When an officer stopped him, they learned he was wanted for a burglary charge.

A gram of marijuana was found in the car where Edwards was sitting.

Edwards was charged with possession of marijuana. He was taken to Muscogee County Jail.