Update: Nine people taken to Medical Center after crash in Meriwether County Thursday; no serious injuries

Update (Monday, 11:38 p.m.

Thursday's accident on State Route 41 involving nine people ended with no serious injuries, Manchester State Patrol officials said Monday.

The accident occurred while the two cars were following each other on State Route 41. One car merged into another lane and then attempted to merge back into the same lane as the other vehicle. When the first car merged into the lane with second vehicle, it resulted in a T-bone collision.

Some occupants were airlifted as a precaution, as one passenger was pregnant. No fatalities or serious injuries were sustained.

Original story:

At least nine people were transported to the Medical Center Thursday afternoon after two cars were involved in a traffic accident on State Route 41 in Meriwether County, according to Manchester State Patrol.

Most of those involved in the accident were from Manchester. Four people from one of the vehicles, including one 3-year-old, were airlifted to the Medical Center after the crash. The remaining five were transported on ground for unspecified injuries.

More details will be added as they are made available.