4,400 get splash of color in Color Me Rad 5K

Forgive me if my hair is still pink today.

You might also have to overlook the blue skin near my elbow and the stubborn yellow design on my back.

If you're nodding in agreement, you probably participated in Columbus' first Color Me Rad 5K.

Saturday's race began at Woodruff Park in downtown Columbus. It attracted thousands of people in white T-shirts and sunglasses. Scattered blasts of colored corn starch and liquid color hit participants throughout the course. The local event was part of a national series of races.

The route traveled along Broadway and the RiverWalk. There were about 4,400, said Elizabeth Hurst, vice president of community relations and marketing for Uptown Columbus Inc., the event sponsor.

Finishers gathered in Woodruff Park to savor more colored corn starch after the race. Music played and "Color Bombs" flew through the air, covering participants in hues like blue, purple and yellow.

There wasn't a race clock, so I don't know my finish time.

I am, however, aware of the pride that comes with having multi-colored nose hairs.

Maybe I haven't tried hard enough to remove the remnants of Saturday's race. Maybe that's intentional.

I'm not ready to forget the happy crowd, the carefree atmosphere and the feeling that for at least one morning, somewhere over the rainbow wasn't that far away after all.

A portion of the race's proceeds will go to the Children's Miracle Network.

Sonya Sorich, 706-571-8516.