Columbus Ice Rink will reopen Sept. 1 with free skating session

The Columbus Ice Rink, which has been closed for two months to repair a leaking underground pipe, will reopen Sunday, Sept. 1 with a free skating session from noon to 7 p.m., Civic Center Director Ross Horner said Tuesday.

Workers were busy Tuesday sharpening skates, repainting trim and preparing to restore the ice sheet next week.

The facility was closed for July and August after a leak was discovered in the system that warms its concrete floor, which is separate from the system used to keep the rink surface frozen. The heating system helps the concrete around the rink deal with the stress created by the adjacent ice, he said.

The building will be used this Saturday and Sunday for some of the CrossFit competition. Then on Monday, technicians will start recreating the ice for skaters, Horner said.

While the repair, which cost about $6,800, was not under warranty, the city, contractors, architects and engineers are working to determine liability for the current repair and one that Horner said will have to be made in the next year or so.

The secondary leak is small enough that it doesn’t require immediate attention, he said.

The timing of the repair and closure worked out well for the city because July and August are the facility’s least busy months of the year, Horner said.