Former Army Ranger seeks to replace Chambliss in U.S. Senate

A former U.S. Army Ranger who has lived in Columbus for 16 years has announced that he will seek the Democratic nomination to fill the U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacated by retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Todd Robinson, who served with the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger regiment at Fort Benning, said he first thought of running when Congress was playing partisan politics with the so-called “fiscal cliff” issue last year.

“I felt that the politicians needed to be held responsible,” he said. “If they could have prevented that, they should have. Instead of me just talking about, I’m moving forward and doing something about it.”

Robinson lists welfare reform, unemployment, veterans’ benefits and medical care for the elderly as planks in his platform. He said he would:

* “Empower” welfare recipients to get off the dole through education and training and provide daycare for those attending technical school.

* Address unemployment through education and training and by enticing more industry to the state.

* Advocate state property tax exemptions for military families to help keep military veterans and their families in Georgia.

* Seek ways to offset the cost of dental, vision and hearing treatment, costs not covered by Medicare, for the elderly.

Robinson said his campaign committee has “cells” in several Georgia cities – Savannah, Macon, Augusta, Thomasville among others. He thinks people will welcome a “fresh face” to politics.

“The people of Georgia need a fresh perspective, someone with fresh ideas,” he said. “Someone who will not just go along with the norm, not go along to get along. I know I’m going to be a freshman senator and will have to play the game in order to be recognized. But it’s time for a new fresh face, and hopefully I can inspire other people to get into politics.”

Robinson, 52, is a Junior ROTC instructor at Stewart County High School. He is married to Cheryl Renee, a reporter for WTVM.