Poll: People in Alabama are ugliest, people in Georgia are nicest

Results of a new poll mark good news for Georgia residents, but bad news for people who call Alabama home.

On the plus side, the poll suggests people believe Georgia has the nicest residents.

On a less encouraging note, it suggests people think Alabama has the ugliest residents.

View the full roundup of results HERE.

Before you panic, I'll note the "ugliest residents" conclusion was hardly a landslide. Business Insider's summary of the findings notes, "America had trouble deciding which state was the ugliest. We know it's in the south somewhere, with Alabama in the lead."

Look at the "ugliest residents" results and you'll see it appears Georgia was a contender, too.

Georgia got the "nicest" state title, but hardly with an overwhelming majority of votes.

One of the biggest landslide votes was in the "hottest residents" category, where California got 51 percent of the vote.

Business Insider explains how the survey worked: "We asked respondents — 1603 of them — to answer each question with a state that wasn't their own. The poll was carried out using SurveyMonkey's Audience feature, which was more accurate predicting the 2012 election than numerous traditional pollsters."

Discussion time: Do you think outsiders' perception of the South is generally positive, negative or somewhere in between?