Police search for suspects after seizing $948 worth of marijuana

Police are determining suspects after more than $900 worth of marijuana and various drug related objects were seized at a residence on Woodburn Drive, according to a Columbus Police report.

At about 5:41 p.m., Tuesday, police searched 1033 Woodburn Drive and found a large plastic bag with 22 individual bags of suspected marijuana. The marijuana was later weighed at 92.6 grams, valued at $926 Officers also confiscated about 2.2 grams of marijuana found in a Mason jar, which was valued at $22; a Mason jar with marijuana residue; a digital scale and a box of sandwich bags.

In addition, officers seized an unsealed box of White Owl cigarillos with one cigarillo inside, two cell phones, some documents and keys. An officer was not available Wednesday morning to answer why these objects were seized.

Police are developing suspects in this case. No arrests have been made.