How much does it cost to raise a family in Columbus?

If you're thinking about starting a family, you might want to read this first.

If a family of four (two parents, two children) wants a "secure yet modest" life in Columbus, they'll need an annual income of approximately $57,221. The number comes from the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator for 2013.

That estimate is for a family in Columbus’ metropolitan statistical area. It considers factors like housing, food, child care and more.

Two parents with one child in Columbus will need an annual income of approximately $51,522, according to the same calculator.

The Macon, Ga., MSA -- which we often compare to Columbus -- yields similar numbers, the calculator suggests.

A Macon family with two parents/two children needs an annual income of approximately $56,013. A Macon family with two parents/one child needs about $50,389.

What do you think of Columbus' numbers? Does the calculator seem accurate?

For the sake of comparison, here are the annual incomes it recommends for families with two parents/two children in other cities' metropolitan statistical areas.

Napa, Calif. -- $72,619

Montgomery, Ala. -- $60,761

Billings, Mont. -- $63,436

Lakeland, Fla. -- $59,969

Fort Wayne, Ind. -- $62,375

Syracuse, N.Y. -- $76,924