Man drives backwards on Oates Avenue, charged with meth possession

A backward cruise down Oates Avenue grabbed the attention of officers and resulted in a meth charge for an Eason Drive man Tuesday, according to a Columbus Police report.

An officer was patrolling when he noticed Dakota Hiers, 20, driving in reverse near the 4200 block of Oates Avenue. Hiers was allegedly visibly shaking when the officer approached him parked on the wrong side of the road. He said he was picking up a girl, Amber, but couldn't say where.

After receiving consent to search Hiers' car, the officer asked him to step out of the vehicle. But before obeying, the suspect allegedly leaned over and tried to shove what was later alleged to be a glass meth smoking pipe into his shoe. The officer told Hiers to stop and to exit the vehicle with his hands clearly displayed, but Hiers ignored the orders and had to be pulled from his vehicle by an assisting officer.

Hiers, by this time, had moved the pipe from his shoe to his right pocket. When officers finally detained Hiers, they searched his pocket and found the broken pieces of the pipe, with suspected meth residue still discernible. The other half of the smoking device fell out of Hiers waistband, during which Hiers received a minor cut to his right middle finger.

Police later found 0.2 grams of meth, valued at $20, in Hiers center console. He was arrested and charged with possession of meth and obstruction of law enforcement, then taken to Muscogee County Jail.

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