Police: Wife escaped lamp cord wielding husband using knife as self defense

Police say a woman defended herself with a knife after her husband choked her with a lamp cord in their 44th Street home Sunday.

George Lockerman, 56, was heard on charges of family violence aggravated assault during a Thursday morning Recorder's Court hearing.

An officer said Lockerman was arrested early Sunday morning after officers met with his wife, who showed notable swelling to the face and neck when officers arrived.

She told police Lockerman's alleged attack began when he started calling her derogatory names earlier in the evening. As the situation escalated, Lockerman followed his wife into the bedroom, where he twisted her onto the bed and broke a lamp on the end dresser. He allegedly wrapped the cord around her throat and began choking her to the point where she could barely breathe.

But the wife fought back, managing to push Lockerman onto the ground. She tried to escape, but police say Lockerman pushed her into a wall before could leave the bedroom. The force of the bed reportedly knocked holes in the wall.

He then dragged her back to bed, where he began choking her with his hands. This time, the wife grabbed a pen on the end table and began stabbing Lockerman. This gave her a window to run to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife, according to the officer.

Once in the kitchen, she told Lockerman that "if he touched her, she would cut his throat." She then attempted to call police, but he knocked the phone out of her hands.

Lockerman told the court that he never touched his wife, even though police reported there was a dark red line around her neck consistent with something being wrapped around it.

"She was upset about what she had been caught doing," he said, after failing to elaborate when Judge Michael Cielinski asked him to explain the vague accusations he made against his wife. "She did it to herself."

Cielinski set Lockerman's bond at $5,000 with conditions that he stay away from his wife. His case will be forwarded to the Muscogee County Superior Court.

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