Do military deployments increase your risk of divorce?

New research suggests longer deployments lead to a greater risk of divorce in military marriages.

USA Today describes the results of the study, which "researchers say is the largest study done on broken marriages in the military," the article explains.

It notes, "The study reported that the longer the deployment — 12 months versus 18 months, for example — the greater the risk of divorce. Researchers also found an increased risk of divorce where the deployment is more dangerous and where the married service member going off to war is a woman."

One more interesting fact from the article: "Female service members have a higher divorce rate than men even without the influence of combat deployment, researchers said."

Researchers tracked the marital status of more than 460,000 U.S. service members between 1999 and 2008.

The study contracts previous findings suggesting deployments make military marriages more resilient, USA Today notes.

While living in Columbus, I've learned about the many ways in which military life can affect relationships. I've watched multiple couples deal with deployments. Each situation was unique and they all had different outcomes.

There isn't a "how to" manual when it comes to military marriages and deployments, but the recent research reminds us that the sacrifices of a deployment aren't just physical.