VIDEOS: Paul McDonald from 'American Idol' performs in Auburn

"American Idol" alum Paul McDonald performed Friday (Sept. 6) at Bourbon Street Bar.

It was his first time performing in Auburn since placing eighth on the 10th season of "Idol." McDonald attended Auburn University, where he studied biomedical sciences. He was last enrolled in the university in 2006 before leaving to focus on music. He has a sister in Auburn, in addition to family in Huntsville, Ala.

Friday's show was billed as "Paul McDonald and The Grand Magnolias," meaning that McDonald performed as an acoustic duo with Jonathan Pears. The performance was a mix of Grand Magnolias tunes, songs from when the act was known as High Tide Blues and an occasional cover.

Other than stopping in Auburn, what's McDonald up to?

He's currently touring with Hanson and told me he hopes to release new music before the end of the year. Shortly after his "Idol" run, McDonald married Nikki Reed, an actress widely known for her role as Rosalie Hale in the "Twilight" films.

I was a pretty serious Paul McDonald fan during the 10th season of "Idol," which Scotty McCreery won. McDonald's a great performer. When the "Idol" tour stopped in Atlanta, many concert goers didn't get on their feet until McDonald performed Rod Stewart's "Maggie May."

Friday's show solidified my belief that his appeal isn't confined to cover songs. Check out these videos from the concert.

The musicians kick off Friday's show:

I believe this one's a new tune:

Here, the musicians cover "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springsteen:

This one's from when the act was known as High Tide Blues:

The musicians perform "Bouquet of Lies (Ghost in Apt. 8)," a tune by Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed. Excuse the shaky camera work at the beginning of the performance.