Officers: Four fumbled to hide marijuana intended for sale at Club Hill

Four men's attempt to hide marijuana behind a dislodged back car seat at Club Hill Apartments came too late Saturday, police say.

Isaiah Hopkins, 17, and Ramell Richardson, 20, were charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, criminal trespass and drug related objects during a Tuesday morning Recorder's Court hearing. Hopkins faced an additional charge of crossing the guardline with drugs.

The two additional suspects bonded out, bypassing Tuesday's preliminary hearing. The Muscogee County Jail listed their names as Jaquawn Cooper and Cameron Torruella.

A rear window covered in plastic first raised police suspicions when the four men pulled into the 2840 Warm Springs Road complex at about 3:10 a.m., an officer told the court. Authorities say the complex has asked for additional security measures recently due to suspected drug related activity.

However, the officer said he only chose to search the suspects after he noticed the two rear passengers struggling with the back seat.

The officer asked the men to exit the vehicle so he could better examine the back of the vehicle. He found the seat successfully detached on one side; behind it was seven grams of marijuana. Two pill bottles containing a collective 19 grams were also found shoved under the back seat.

The officer found a digital scale near the driver's side.

The men told police they were coming to the apartment to meet girls, but couldn't remember the girls' names or where they lived.

Since none of the occupants claimed the marijuana or the digital scale, all were charged with their possession.

The arresting officer found three more grams in Richardson's shoe before the men were transported to the jail, but Hopkins' alleged possession of an additional 2.4 grams went unnoticed until after he was booked. The drugs escaped police notice during the initial search of Hopkins' person because "he was wearing multiple pairs of pants," the officer said.

The total amount of marijuana found between the four men is valued at $314.

Judge Michael Cielinski set Hopkins' bond at $8,500. Richardson's was set at $6,000. All four men's cases will be forwarded to Muscogee County Superior Court.

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