Courts: Woman finds intoxicated neighbor on couch after shower

A Lawyers Lane resident was shocked to find her neighbor from across the street lounging on her couch after she exited the shower Monday morning.

Authorities arrested Oscar L. Hollis, 43, at about 5:45 a.m., after he allegedly returned to the victim's 733 Lawyers Lane apartment multiple times. He faced charges of simple assault by attempting to commit violent injury, disorderly while intoxicated, obstruction of law enforcement and criminal trespass during a Tuesday morning Recorder's Court hearing.

The victim told police she left her bathroom Monday morning to find Hollis sitting in her living room. Hollis finally obliged the woman's requests for him to leave, but not before making the victim feel threatened, an officer told the court.

That first retreat was not the end of the bizarre encounter; the officer said Hollis reappeared on the victim's porch several times, cursing at her each time.

Once authorities arrived, Hollis was found attempting to hide in the grass behind the complex. He smelled strongly of alcohol and showed signs of inebriation, the officer said.

When asked during the hearing, the victim told police she was acquaintances with Hollis, but had not invited him into her home. Her stepson, who has more familiarity with Hollis, was sleeping in the bedroom. He did not invite him into the apartment either.

Both occupants said they did not know how Hollis entered.

Judge Michael Cielinski pointed out to the court that Hollis has been charged multiple times since December for being disorderly while intoxicated. He set Hollis' bond at $6,000 and sentenced him to 60 days confinement for the disorderly charge.

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