Riverfront splash pad closed for repairs

The riverfront splash pad is closed for repairs, but should reopen by next week, officials said.

"There have been some mechanical issues," Uptown Columbus Inc. President Richard Bishop said Thursday.

The splash pad is in Woodruff Park, near the Dillingham Street Bridge, and opened in May.

It features 32 water jets capable of shooting to heights of eight feet with water sprouts that can be lit and programmed to music.

The interactive fountain, located on property owned by Columbus State University, is right next to the new military service walk and across from the Columbus Whitewater Express store on Bay Avenue.

"There are just few kinks we have to work out," Bishop said. "We're just trying to get all the mechanical pieces working right."

He said the work is something common with any new piece of equipment.

No major work is needed.

Asked when the splash pad might reopen, Bishop said it could be as early as Friday, but it might be next week.