Grease fire heavily damages two units at Club Hill Apartments

It took Columbus firefighters about 30 minutes to get a grease fire under control after it ignited today at Club Hill Apartments.

Firefighters found flames burning through the roof of apartment No. 43 when they arrived at 2840 Warm Springs Road.

About 30 firefighters were on the scene to battle the 12:39 p.m. blaze in the six unit apartment building, said Battalion Chief Glen Bahde of the Columbus Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

“We put a stop on it,” Bahde said. “We crawled in there and stopped it from going further but the ambient temperature was a big concern for us.”

With high temperatures approaching 130 to 140 degrees for firefighters inside their gear, Bahde said the first crew arriving on the scene rotated out after battling for 30 minutes. “The first crew went after it for 20-30 minutes before they got it all darkened down,” he said. “They were just fatigued.”

The apartment where the fire ignited was gutted by flames after food was left unattended on the stove. “It was a grease fire,” said Fire Marshal Ricky Shores.

The apartment next door had water damage to the floor and fire damage in the roof.

Families in the two damaged apartments were displaced. Two other apartments had some damage as well, Shores said.

A team from the American Red Cross was on the scene to help residents with food, clothing and shelter, said Shawn McCorry. “We can work with them in the recovery process,” he said.

No estimate was available on the fire damage.