Prank phone call leads to shattered windows at Denny's

A prank phone call at a Macon Road eatery left the business with four shattered windows early Tuesday after a caller claimed a fire was ignited inside the building.

Police thought the shattered glass at Denny’s was from multiple gunshots before they found manager Jimmie Adams sweeping up the glass and smiling around 4:16 a.m. That’s when Adams told police about a phone call from an unidentified man who stated there was a fire inside the 3239 Macon Road restaurant.

Claiming he was calling from the fire department, the man directed the manager to perform checks in the restaurant before stating there was still a fire.

“The caller said you need to bust out the glass in the front window and doors,” the employee said.

Adams broke out the glass as he was instructed. That’s when he learned what had occurred at the business.

“After I did that, he said you’ve just been cranked,” Adams said.

Cranked is an urban term that refers to someone who has been provoked, wound up enough to get annoyed, respond angrily or lose their cool.

Police said an estimate on the property damage was unknown.

Denny’s was not the only victim of the prank phone call. The Waffle House at 3455 Macon Road received a similar suspicious call about the same time. The call was related to the restaurant’s fire alarm.