City clamping down on parking along Broadway median

Denizens of downtown who have been enjoying parking along the Broadway median will have to find another place. The city has decided to crack down on people parking illegally, according to City Manager Isaiah Hugley.

The city had apparently been lax about enforcing the parking ban lately, with the crowds drawn by Market Days and weekend nightlife. But recently the city put up colorful signs along both lanes of the median warning people that the city is back in that area of the enforcement business.

“It had created a situation for public safety,” Hugley said. “With people parked along the curb, if a fire truck had to get through there, it would be very difficult, if not impossible.”

Parking along the median’s curb is prohibited from Broadway’s northern end at 14th Street all the way down to Eighth Street, one block into the Historic District. From Eighth until the southern tip of Broadway, parking is allowed along the median on both sides of the street.

There is off-street parking available to people coming downtown. The is one parking garage on Broadway, across from the RiverCenter, and three more just a block off of it, two on Front Street and one on First Avenue.