Q&A with conjoined twins mother Robin Hamby

Around 1 p.m., with her conjoined twins on their way to another hospital for further testing, Robin had time for a Q&A with the Ledger-Enquirer. Here are excerpts from that interview:

How are you feeling?

“I’m feeling OK right now. I feel pretty good, actually.”

What thoughts are going through your mind?

“I’m glad that we did well, both me and the babies, going through the surgery procedure of it. They’ve done a great job at the hospital. I’m just glad that the babies are stable, as much as they can be. They’ve surprised us and the doctors, so we’re excited about that. I’m glad I got to hear them cry and touch their little hands. A lot of moms don’t even get to do that with sick babies. I’m happy and thrilled that they’re here.”

After picturing them and thinking about them, to actually see them and feel them and hear them, what did that mean to you?

“That put me on cloud nine. It was so awesome. To compare or say they look like Selah (their 22-month-old daughter) or they have Michael’s nose, those things are special.”

When they were wheeled back in for the family and friends to see them, what did that mean to you that they were healthy enough to do that?

“That was way more than what I ever thought would happen. I thought that we might get a glimpse, but to see them for an extended period of time or a few minutes, that was like an answered prayer.”