CSU temporarily reopens 16 Broadway parking spaces

As demolition work begins on the former Ledger-Enquirer site, Columbus State University has made a decision to temporarily reopen 16 Broadway parking spaces that were previously inside the construction zone.

The decision to move the fence closer to the building, open the parking spaces and keep the sidewalk passable on the west side of Broadway came after some neighbors complained, said John Lester, CSU’s assistant vice president for university relations.

“As we take on this massive project, we’re trying to be good neighbors,” Lester said Monday.

The parking spaces and sidewalk were reopened Friday, about a week after they had been closed due to the project that will transform the property into part of the CSU downtown campus.

While asbestos abatement is taking place inside the building, demolition of the property is still a few weeks away, Lester said.

“We are now working to come up with a more detailed timeline of demolition and construction so we can share it with the neighbors,” Lester said. “We want people to know what’s coming. We understand there will be inconvenience hopefully in the name of progress.”

The city, Birmingham, Ala.-based contractor Brasfield & Gorrie and the university will coordinate its efforts, Lester said.

Demolition could become visible at the end of the month, Lester said.

CSU received approval from the Board of Historic and Architectural Review to demolish the six-story tower known as the Page Building that sits at the corner of 12th and Broadway. The university can also tear down the warehouse, press bay and loading docks.

“As works gets closer to the corner, we will have to expand the construction site,” Lester said.

A new three-story structure that will house CSU’s College of Education and Health Professions will be built at the corner of Broadway and 12th Street. The university hopes to be in the $20 million-$25 million facility by the fall 2016 semester.