Police charge two in Kmart pharmacy robbery

A witness Monday helped Columbus police catch a suspect accused of robbing the Airport Thruway Kmart pharmacy of Oxycodone, detectives said.

Officers say they arrested 26-year-old Joshua Hanks at the Extended Stay Hotel on Armour Road as he tried to get away through a hole he’d punched in the wall between his room and another. The hole had a temporary patch from plumbing repair, police said, and Hanks used it to get into a room rented by another guest to try to get away.

When arrested, Hanks had $36,465 worth of Oxycodone on him, detectives said.

They said the robbery happened shortly before noon at the 2500 Airport Thruway store where Hanks pointed a gun at three workers.

At the Extended Stay, police discovered Hanks was in the company of a girlfriend, Leslie Bottoms, 38, who also was arrested for armed robbery, officers said.

Besides armed robbery, Hanks is charged with three counts of aggravated assault and one count each of burglary, possessing drugs with intent to distribute them, falsely reporting a crime, using a gun to commit a crime and obstructing police.

Police said they were able to track Hanks to the motel because a witness followed him after seeing him get into an automobile in the Kmart parking lot.