Finance Director Pam Hodge tapped to be deputy city manager

City Manager Isaiah Hugley has nominated Finance Director Pam Hodge to be the new deputy city manager, replacing David Arrington, who retired at the end of March. Hugley will bring the nomination to Columbus Council on April 28 for confirmation.

Hodge has been finance director since 2007 and was assistant director since 2004. She has worked in city government for 20 years in Sarasota, Fla., Key West, Fla., and has held several accounting position in the private sector. She graduated from Witchita State University in 1988 with a BS in business.

“We have several great internal candidates, but Pam probably worked closer with this deputy city manager’s position than anyone else, other than me,” Hugley said. “Pam has been a valuable member of our executive management team for many years. She has the ideal skill set and temperament for this position.”

Hugley said Hodge’s position would differ slightly from Arrington’s former post to take advantage of her skill set. Her title will be deputy city manager for finance, planning and development. She will oversee five departments: finance, engineering, inspections and codes, planning and community reinvestment.

“Having served CCG in an executive management capacity for several years, and been a part of its transformation and growth, I am excited about this opportunity,” Hodge said. “Working in finance, I’ve worked closely with all of the departments and divisions I will be supervising.”

The city’s other deputy city manager, Lisa Goodwin, oversees parks and recreation, Metra, public works, the civic center and the 311 call center.