Quincy Brown, son of Diddy and Kim Porter, visits Columbus for 'Brotherly Love' screening

Quincy Brown returned to Columbus Friday morning to visit Carver High School and view the screening of his upcoming movie "Brotherly Love."

Brown, 23, is the son of Kim Porter and Sean Combs. His biological father is R&B singer Al B. Sure. Brown grew up in Columbus and attended Hardaway High School. His late grandmother Sarah Porter owned Royal Cafe in Columbus.

"Being in Columbus feels great," Brown said. "Because this is my hometown, this is where I was raised. This is where I spent my whole childhood and I think the more we come back here, the movie dropping, I worked so hard my whole life and finally I'm out in Hollywood and trying to make a difference and of course you can't forget where the home is."

He was at Hollywood Connection, 1683 Whittlesey Road, Friday night for a public screening of his movie.

"Returning to Columbus to kind of premiere the film is something that, I mean, it's the only way to do it," Brown said Friday morning. "My grandmother (Sarah Porter) was kind of the heart of the town. You know she passed away a year ago today actually. And I think it's kind of ironic that today she passed and the movie's dropping. It was only right that I come to Columbus and share my life, and this is just a portion of it that I can bring home. I'm glad that everybody can experience it with me.

According to IMDb, "Brotherly Love" is set on the backdrop of Philadelphia's Overbrook High School. It's there the movie tracks the lives of the nations No. 1 high school basketball player Sergio Taylor as he deals with the early pressures of "hood fame."

Brown plays the role of Chris, who is the lead actress' love interest, according to a news release.

"I play Chris, who is loving and genuine. I fall in love with Keke’s (Palmer) character, Jackie. The character is similar to me because of his smooth approach on things. He is someone you will become attracted to through his demeanor and charming personality," Brown said in the release.

On Friday, Brown said music and movies are a huge passion for him.

"So I believe the next couple of years you're going to be having so much music and movies to watch and I think I'm putting on for the city," Brown said.