Watch this Phenix City girl play Adele backwards and in Spanish

Kyle Nazario


Katlin Hill won $20 like you've never seen.

Her father, Felix Omar Hill of Phenix City, bet Katlin a Jackson that she could not play Adele backwards and in Spanish. Katlin won.

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Posted by Felix Omar Hill on Sunday, December 13, 2015

"It wasn't my idea," she said. "I thought it was insanely crazy... (Playing the keyboard backwards and in Spanish) just comes to me, I guess."

Katlin is 15 years old, and her voice has touched millions. When Felix uploaded the video to Facebook, it was viewed more than 6.9 million times.

"I went from 70 fans to 7 million overnight," Katlin said.

Katlin has been playing music since she was 10. She performed at The Loft at age 12, the youngest person to ever play there. However, she said she didn't realize the extent of her gifts until the last year.

The Phenix City resident said she left Central High School after 10th grade to become homeschooled. She said she loves it.

Katlin said she hopes to pursue a full-time career as a solo artist. She'd love to sing full-time and perform at Carnegie Hall, the famous New York City concert venue.

Her biggest musical influence is her favorite artist, Alicia Keys, especially Keys' song "Fallin'."

After the viral video, Felix said she is booked to play a show every weekend for the rest of the year. They're planning shows in the Dallas and Jacksonville, Fla., area and even as far away as Uganda, where Felix has connections through his work as a minister for Greater Grace Ministries. On Jan. 30, Katlin will play an even higher-profile gig when she tries out for "America's Got Talent" in Atlanta.

Performing has its highlights (singing the national anthem at the Columbus Civic Center) and its troubles (losing a microphone mid-performance), according to Katlin.

"She loves doing this," Felix said. "It's nothing that could force her to do."

The experience is its own reward, especially when she can see people's reactions. Audiences show different feelings when they see her sing, from astonishment to apathy.

"Without sounding prideful, this is where I was supposed to be in life," Katlin said. "If I were to not do this, I would not be content."