Inquirer: Be careful driving around those Green Island hills

Contributed photoThis tree is practically touching the blacktop on Barschall Drive.
Contributed photoThis tree is practically touching the blacktop on Barschall Drive.

We do not often venture out to Green Island Hills, but now and then we are called upon.

A Concerned Reader named Libbie wrote to tell of a potentially dangerous situation on Barschall Drive, a narrow little road lined with homes that are neither. Not long after you turn onto Barschall off of Mountainview Drive, a large hardwood tree sits literally beside the road, literally. It appears to be actually touching the blacktop at the base.

"I read your articles with interest, routinely, and hope perhaps you can help with a dangerous tree on a dangerous curve," Libbie wrote. "Recently, the city came out and installed some large reflector signs on this curve. I'm sure after many complaints about how dangerous it was, perhaps from someone who hit the tree or almost hit it.

"My husband said he saw a van hit it, and it turned the van completely sideways. The city also put a 'keep out/danger' tape on the tree. It has since disintegrated."

Libbie said when the underbrush is grown up, it creates a blind corner and

she has taken it upon herself to trim it back on occasion. But the tree is the real problem because the road is so narrow.

"That tree is often side-swiped," she wrote. "The tree needs to be cut down to eliminate the constant swerving and near-misses that drivers encounter daily, especially with all of the construction workers in this area now.

"I will appreciate your assessment and any ideas you may have to eliminate the clear danger at this curve, due to the too-close-to-the-roadway tree."

My assessment is that the dang thing is too close to the road, but what I think doesn't really matter.

What matters is what the folks in the city's Public Works Department think. I called Director Pat Biegler and she said she'd send someone out to have a look at the situation and get back to me this week.

Stay tuned, and drive carefully out there.


Speaking of GI Hills, I got a lot of feedback about the recent column on roundabouts, some in favor, some not. We will have some more information and input in the paper Tuesday after a public forum is held tonight at 6 at Wynnbrook Baptist Church on River Road. The forum will be to discuss and learn about the proposed roundabout on River Road at Bradley Park Drive and the Green Island entrance not far from the above-mentioned tree.

If you're interested in what should be one of the more elaborate roundabouts yet to be seen in the city, drop by.

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