Council votes to delay decision on sheriff’s office audit

Columbus Council voted unanimously Tuesday to delay a decision to order an internal audit of Sheriff John Darr’s operations and finances, and seek an estimate on what it would cost to hire a private auditor.

Council was slated to vote on a motion to appoint Internal Auditor John Redmond to perform the audit, but Darr has expressed dissatisfaction with having Redmond perform the audit, citing his lack of expertise in law enforcement.

At a council meeting last month, Sheriff John Darr said he would be open to an audit of his office, but not by the city’s internal auditors. He said he would agree to the city’s usual external auditor, Albright & Fortenberry, the firm that will be asked for an estimate.

The vote to delay the decision was unanimous, but Councilor Mike Baker, himself a CPA, said he would support having Redmond perform the audit, regardless of the estimate.

“Whether you’re talking about government or private business, you don’t get to pick your auditor,” Baker said.