Hip Hip Hooray. Football’s here!

▪ The SEC was founded in Dec. 1932, when 13 schools left the Southern Conference.

▪ In 1939, Tennessee was the last major college team in the 20th century to finish a regular season unbeaten, untied and unscored on.

▪ Alabama has made the most bowl games with 62 bowl appearances. Behind them are Texas, Nebraska, Georgia and USC.

▪ The first Orange Bowl was played in 1935 between the University of Miami and Manhattan College. To save money, the Manhattan College team took a three-day boat ride to Miami.

▪ Notre Dame and Ohio State are tied with both schools having 7 Heisman Trophy winners each.

▪ The orange and white team colors of the Tennessee Volunteers were chosen in 1891 to represent the daisies which grown on the campus.

▪ The first tailgate celebration is believed to have occurred near the start of the Civil War. People traveled out from Washington, D.C. to witness the first Battle of Bull Run in 1861. Enjoying picnic baskets full of food, they cheered on their “team” from distant areas surrounding the battle sites.

▪ Georgia Tech beat Cumberland University in 1916 by a score of 222-0....being the most lopsided victory in college football history.

▪ During Nebraska Cornhuskers home games, their stadium becomes the state’s third largest city.

▪ Alabama was the first-ever champion of the SEC.

▪ According to studies, it is estimated that 30 percent of tailgaters never make it inside the stadium.

▪ While playing for the University of Hawaii from 2000 to 2004, quarterback Timmy Chang set an NCAA passing record with 17,072 yards.

▪ Auburn’s first bowl game was against Villanova in the Bacardi Bowl, held in Havana, Cuba.

▪ Touchdowns in college football were originally counted as 3 points.

▪ Chief Osceola, the Florida State mascot who rides out and plants a flaming spear at midfield before each home game, has been approved by Florida’s Seminole Indian Tribe.

▪ College football fields were originally 120 yards long and 100 yards wide.

▪ ”The Civil War” is the nickname of the annual Oregon and Oregon State game.

▪ In 1905, 18 men were killed in college football games and 159 were permanently injured.

▪ The NCAA banned the kicking tee in 1988 and required kicks from the ground.

▪ In the 1940s, college bowl games included the Raisin Bowl, Salad Bowl and Oil Bowl.

▪ Before every Georgia home game, flowers are placed at the graves of every former Uga.

▪ Archie Griffin at Ohio State is the only athlete to ever win 2 Heisman Trophy’s

▪ Navy holds the all-time series lead over West Point, 59-49. Navy has deafeated West Point in their last 12 meetings.

▪ USC has had the most college football players drafted in the first-round of the NFL Draft. Behind them are Ohio State, Notre Dame, Miami (FL) and Alabama.

▪ In a tradition dating back to the Bear Bryant era, the winner of the Alabama vs Tennessee rivalry smokes a victory cigar. The tradition began with Alabama, but Tennessee participates as well. Free cigars violate the NCAA rules of extra benefits and tobacco use. The teams continue the practice but simply self-report the violation.

▪ Since 1875, Harvard and Yale’s rivalry is simple called “The Game.”

▪ The annual Georgia and Florida game is referred to as “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party.”

▪ In 70 seasons of the SEC, Vanderbilt is the only school that failed to win a SEC title.

▪ The rivalry award played by Arkansas and LSU is called the “Golden Boot.” It looks like the states of Arkansas and Louisiana.