Police: Reports of creepy clown sightings in LaGrange not credible

Creepy clown Ledger-Enquirer stock photo
Creepy clown Ledger-Enquirer stock photo

LaGrange, Ga., police have determined that Monday’s reports of clowns in a van and wooded area trying to talk to children are not credible.

Police Lt. Dale Strickland said it all started when a concerned resident reached out to authorities via Facebook to alert them about a strange Facebook account. Over the weekend, there were statutes posted about clowns threatening to commit crimes at LaGrange schools.

The department also received several calls Monday night about clowns in wooded areas trying to speak to children. It prompted the department to post a Facebook status of their own in which they stated that such behavior was not cute or funny, adding that it could lead to criminal charges.

“I’m not sure why this has gained the attention that it has, but we don’t consider there to be any credible threat for the citizens of LaGrange by any individuals dressed in clown suits driving a white van,” Strickland said.

Since the widespread attention from the community and media, the Facebook account featuring those threats has either been suspended or deleted, but others have surfaced.

Police are searching for anyone who is behind the false reports of clown sightings and the social media threats.

“I can’t give you a reason as to why people are doing this other than they are looking for attention and trying to get folks riled up,” Strickland said.

The incident comes weeks after the sheriff’s office in Greenville County, S.C., received reports from several residents stating that they spotted people in clown makeup terrorizing children and adults. They were seen luring people into the woods.

There were similar reports in Winston-Salem, N.C., and Green Bay, Wis.

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