Four charged in ‘creepy clowns’ threats at LaGrange High School

Two suspects have been charged and two are sought in connection with alleged threats of violent crimes at schools by suspects dressed as “creepy clowns,” LaGrange police said Friday.

Police charged a 16-year-old juvenile with terroristic threats and disrupting public schools while Steven Goddard Jr., 18, of Manchester, Ga., was taken into custody on a charge of terroristic threats. Police have issued warrants charging Zaria Dallas, 18, of LaGrange, Ga., and Tristian Bonner, 17, of Valley, Ala., with one count of terroristic threats.

The teens are accused of making threats Monday at LaGrange High School on Greenwood Street.

Police launched an investigation Monday after several individuals made social media posts on Facebook about individuals committing violent crimes at three LaGrange schools. Posts said the suspects would be dressed as “creepy clowns” and driving a white van.

Police received numerous calls about “creepy clowns” in different areas of the city after posts were shared thousands of times. None of these individuals was found and police believe the calls were false.

School officials and police used significant resources throughout the week to investigate concerns of parents and students of schools named in the threats.

Police said the investigation remains ongoing, but no other warrants are expected to be issued.