Lee County Sheriff receives reports of suspicious clown posting

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a report this morning about social media posts that said the poster would bring a firearm to schools and “blow it up.”

The user posted the messages under the name “Kaleb Klown.” The postings contained threats directed at Beauregard High School, Beauregard Elementary School and Opelika High School, according to a post on the Lee County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

Sheriff Jay Jones said there is no evidence that the threat is credible, but there are school resource deputies at the schools who have “security measures in place that give them an advantage over anyone that would intend to harm” the students, faculty or administration.

“Our No. 1 priority is the safety of the children,” Jones said. “No. 2 is to apprehend the individual or individuals responsible for this post.”

The Opelika Police Department is assisting in the investigation.

Jason Wright, an assistant superintendent at Lee County Schools, said the school administration was notified around 7:45 a.m. this morning about the “disturbing comments” made on social media. They alerted parents and guardians through an automated call-out message.

“We have gone into what we call a heightened sense of awareness where we have notified the school personnel of the post, so they can be aware,” Wright said. “They know that there is a disturbance and to be vigilant as far as observations for anything out of the ordinary.”

Wright said schools will remain under a heightened sense of awareness for the rest of the week to ensure that everyone on school grounds remains safe.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office isn’t the only agency in the area to receive reports of creepy clown threats.

LaGrange police took to Facebook to warn the public about several calls they received Set. 12 about clowns in a van and wooded area trying to talk to children. There were also threats made on Facebook media the previous weekend from “clowns” threatening to commit crimes at LaGrange schools.

Police determined that the threats were not credible. By Friday, they arrested four people who allegedly made “creepy clown” threats toward LaGrange High School.

Two were arrested in Troup County Sept. 14 after falsely reporting creepy clown sightings in Hogansville, Ga.

Sarah Robinson: 706-571-8622, @sarahR_92