Man who couldn’t get inside liquor store accused of keying owner’s car

Edmond Porter
Edmond Porter Muscogee County Jail

Edmond Porter claims he spends $200 a day at the Red Top Package Store but denies keying the owner’s luxury car after he couldn’t enter the locked business late Tuesday.

Porter, 64, was charged with a felony count of second-degree damage to property. Judge Mary Buckner ordered Porter held on $1,500 bond and bound the charge over to Superior Court.

Police Cpl. Kyle Tuggle said officers were called to the 1034 Rigdon Road business to check on vandalism. Me Hee Hong, owner of the business, locked the front door while she was on the phone.

Police used surveillance video to determine how the black 2016 MDX Acura was damaged. Porter was seen leaning against the vehicle around 8:23 p.m. before he turned and faced the SUV using his hands. Porter was arrested at his home near the store.

Hong said Porter is a regular customer. Before going to court, she said a body shop told her that it would take three days to repaint the vehicle at a cost of $750.

Porter said the owner can’t show evidence that he scratched the SUV.

“I spend $200 a day in her store,” he said. “I scratched nothing.”

Both doors on the passenger’s side of Hong’s vehicle were damaged with two deep scratches along the side.