Homeless man jailed after officer found him begging in roadway

Richard C. Jones \
Richard C. Jones \ Muscogee County Jail

A Columbus man was jailed Wednesday after a police officer found him with a sign and begging in the street at 13th Street and Veterans Parkway.

Richard C. Jones, 47, was charged with begging in the roadway and obstruction of a law enforcement officer after he was taken into custody at 11 a.m. He was arrested at the scene, taken to the Muscogee County Jail where he is held for a 9 a.m. Thursday hearing in Recorder’s Court.

Police officer Jonathon Glover said he was patrolling the area when he spotted Jones holding a sign and trying to stop vehicles. The officer noted Jones was interfering with the flow of traffic.

Jones was listed as homeless and without a job in Columbus.