Work with DARE program nets honor for Columbus officer

Kimberley Myhand, at left, and Cpl. Angela Florence with honors during a Nov. 4 ceremony at the Public Safety Center.
Kimberley Myhand, at left, and Cpl. Angela Florence with honors during a Nov. 4 ceremony at the Public Safety Center. Columbus Police Department Facebook

Locating a missing child was a lot easier with Cpl. Angela Florence coordinating the DARE To Be Great Summer Camp’s Roster.

After a parent came to the camp looking for the child, Florence pulled the roster and quickly determined the missing child never made it to camp on June 14. The child was located by the parent with another relative.

Florence, who is assigned to the Bureau of Administrative Services, was recognized for her attention to details as the October Officer of the Month at the Columbus Police Department. This is the first honor for Florence, who has more than 11 years with the department.

“It’s really humbling,” Florence said. “You know, you do so many things in law enforcement. You do things because you enjoy it. Just to see that someone recognizes it is awesome.”

Florence has been teaching Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or DARE, for five years. Officers coordinate with the Muscogee County School District and take part in a 10-week program with fifth graders in elementary schools. The department also coordinates programs at two schools at Fort Benning and Brookstone School in Columbus.

The programs give officers a chance to build a positive relationship with children early.

“They see law enforcement in a positive way,” Florence said. “It’s really good to build a positive relationship at a young age.”

The program helps youth make good choices, whether dealing with drugs, peer pressure or stress.

“DARE helps them to make safe and responsible decisions,” she said.

Police Sgt. Donald Bush, her supervisor, said Florence coordinated most camp field trips for the program, and her accounting helped keep the outings under budget.

“Corporal Florence’s actions reflected positive results on the Columbus Police Department,” he said.

This is Florence’s second stint at the department. She first worked about four years before moving to Virginia. She was rehired seven years ago and loves her job.

“I enjoy working with the youth,” she said. “I found that I’m more of a people person. I enjoy working with the neighborhood watch programs. “

Florence is married and the mother of three teenagers. “ I appreciate the opportunity to represent the CPD for the month of October,” she said. “The DARE program is so important for our youth.”

Kimberley Myhand, a criminal records technician for almost a year, also was recognized as the Employee of the Month. She is responsible for processing records and other papers generated by the officers.

“I never knew in law enforcement the amount of work they do, and we are the ones that help process all that work,” she said. “Being able to give back to law enforcement and being supportive is the best thing I like.”