Police: Man told roommate he’s “got to die” before stabbing him in face

Gabriel Dunn
Gabriel Dunn

A 23-year-old Columbus man told his sleeping room he’s “got to die” before stabbing him in the face, according to testimony Thursday morning in Columbus Recorder’s Court.

Gabriel Dunn didn’t appear in court, but Columbus Public Defender Robin King pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault on his behalf. She said he wouldn’t appear, because he has competency issues and no grasp of reality.

Columbus Police Officer Andrew Redmond was working off duty at the Wal-Mart at 2801 Airport Thruway Tuesday afternoon when he spotted a man, later identified as Dunn, walk into the store covered in blood. Dunn, who wasn’t injured, allegedly said he needed to die.

Authorities said he kept stating he needed to die as he was being handcuffed at the business. He also claimed to be an archangel, according to police.

Columbus Police Officer Williams Ragland said officials learned that Dunn lived in the 3800 block of Sunrise Lane and went to the residence around 1:30 p.m. that day. On the scene, they found a trail a blood from an upstairs bedroom to the ground floor.

Dunn’s roommate told police he was sleeping in his room when Dunn came in and told him, “You got to die.” That’s when he allegedly attacked him with a knife, Ragland testified.

“(The victim) was successful in fighting back to get him off of him,” Ragland testified. “He had deep lacerations to his right arm and cuts all on his face. He had cuts going down to his neck.”

The victim, who also suffered cuts to his chest, transported himself to St. Francis Hospital for treatment. He was released prior to Thursday’s hearing.

The defendant’s brother told the court that Dunn worked three jobs in another city about two years ago, but he had to leave those jobs.

“We had to take him off the three jobs and take him to the hospital, where they gave him medication and stuff,” the brother testified. “We thought someone had put something in his drink or something like that. The doctor told us his brain was playing tricks on him, because he hadn’t been getting any sleep from working three jobs.”

The brother said Dunn moved to Columbus, where he now has two jobs.

“He has never gotten into any trouble,” the sibling said. “He’s never been in jail or anything like that.”

Judge Julius Hunter ordered the defendant held in the Muscogee County Jail under a $30,000 bond.

He also ordered that Dunn be mentally evaluated by a county physician. The case was bound over to Superior Court.

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