Could Bigfoot sightings be just as credible as wild cougars in Georgia?

Fresh Bigfoot sightings in the Southeast trigger flashbacks to our own area Bigfoot report in the year 2000.

You remember the year 2000. The millennium. Y2K. All that stuff.

On Sept. 13, 2000, I wrote a column about a guy claiming he and a friend fled a campsite at Georgia’s Rood Creek Park, on the Chattahoochee River near Florence Marina, when a Bigfoot walked up on them.

The guy told a store clerk and a 911 dispatcher he shot at the Bigfoot before grabbing his dog, jumping into his car with the other guy and fleeing to a gas station in Fort Mitchell, Ala., to report it.

Then the two men disappeared, just like the creature one said they saw.

I heard this story days later, drove down to Rood Creek to look around, and found some campers apparently had abandoned all their gear at one site. But I saw no evidence of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot is back in the news, thanks to sightings of a large hairy humanoid in north Georgia.

You might think you see large hairy humanoids everywhere now, so you no longer have to travel to the mountains or watch “Deliverance.” But you have to remember that not every big hairy guy fits a Bigfoot lineup.

Bigfoot remains a matter of scale, reported to be so tall he looks like Chewbacca from “Star Wars.”

According to the Charlotte Observer, a Bigfoot researcher to Facebook posted that a 51-year-old Georgia man saw a hairy hominid 7 to 8 feet tall, on Georgia 515 in Cherry Log, between Ellijay and Blue Ridge.

After that, the Facebook page Expedition Bigfoot posted that a second witness reported seeing a black or gray Bigfoot in Rabun County near Clayton.

In other Bigfoot news, the FBI revealed it once DNA-tested hairs thought to be Bigfoot’s, but they turned out to be deer.

Hard to believe.

Bigfoot is hard to believe, because he is only seen alive, and never found dead. He crosses highways, yet never gets killed by an automobile.

Why is that? And where does Bigfoot live? And what food and bedding does a 7- or 8-foot tall hominid need? Have you ever tried to live in the woods? I have, and as an ex-backpacker, I know even campers who don’t leave their trash everywhere clear ground, drop scraps and defecate.

So, if a breeding population of Bigfoots is up in the mountains, or down along the river near Omaha, Georgia., it has to leave a lot more evidence. It has to eat and nest and poop and cross the road and die.

Else we must ponder alternatives: Bigfoot is inter-dimensional like an “Avengers” character. Bigfoot’s the ghost of an early hominid. Bigfoot’s a space alien who visits Earth on a ship, like Chewbacca.

It’s impossible to say anything’s impossible, these days.

Searching for my old Bigfoot story, I found another hard-to-believe piece I wrote about a cougar killed in Troup County.

Authorities thought the cougar had been held captive, because it was well fed, and its paws were scuffed, like it had been on concrete. Cougars were thought to be extinct here, so no one figured this one was wild.

Genetic testing proved it was: It was a Florida panther that journeyed hundreds of miles to reach the woods around West Point Lake, where a hunter in a tree stand shot it in 2008.

Sometimes what seems impossible comes to pass.

So, maybe Bigfoot is out there, somewhere, along the highway – the place to be when you’re crossing dimensions, or visiting Earth on your spaceship.

But if he’s just a simple kind of mammal like the rest of us hairy hominids, he has to turn up dead, eventually, just like we do.