Phenix City man chased and shot at during assault in Benning Hills

A Phenix City man was chased by three men in Benning Hills and shot at late Monday before he crashed through a glass window to escape, Columbus police said.

The man, 21, sustained several cuts to his right arm and forehead in the 6:48 p.m. assault . He was in fair condition at The Medical Center in Columbus.

The victim told police he was confronted by three men after he left a store in Benning Hills. Fearing the men might have a weapon, the man ran from the attackers before a shot was fired at him.

To escape, the man said he ran through a glass window at an abandoned house. A friend drove by the house and transported the victim to the hospital.

Police said the exact location of the assault hasn't been determined. The assault may have stemmed from an earlier shooting in Phenix City.

No description was available on the suspects but one may be called "J-Rock".