United Way fundraising campaign at 89 percent of $6.8 million goal

At its last meeting for 2012, officials said the United Way fundraising campaign has reached 89 percent or $6,065,714 of its $6.8 million goal.

Some loaned executives and United Way cabinet members were in a festive mood today, donning Santa hats and singing a campaign version of the 12 days of Christmas in a meeting at Goodwill Industries.

Rodney Mahone, campaign chair and president and publisher of the Ledger-Enquirer, said it’s not uncommon the campaign is running about 5 percentage points lower than the 94 percent in collected pledges at the same time for the 2011 campaign.

“It’s not an apple to apple comparison,” Mahone said. “There are some campaigns that kicked off later in the year so they are wrapping up later. It is difficult to compare year over year because of the fact that campaigns are kicking off at different times.”

Scott Ferguson, president and CEO of the United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley, said the numbers are about math too. Last year, the campaign goal was $6.6 million compared with more this year. “It’s all timing,” he said. “We are almost there, cautious optimism.”

United Way supports 28 agencies, providing 53 programs in seven counties in Georgia and one in Alabama.

Mahone said the campaign is thankful for every dollar raised so far but asked supporters to dig deep to help those in need. “However, there are still a great number of people who are in need of support, and it is up to us to dig deep and help build a stronger community for everyone,” he said.